There are many different parts to a lease or lease agreement. Often, property management companies will add specific addenda to a general lease to make the terms more clear and to help tenants understand expectations and responsibilities. This is important, because you want the lease to cover everything that may pertain to your tenant and your property during the course of the tenancy. A strong lease is detailed, compliant with state laws, and protective of landlords and their tenants.

Required Lease Addendum: Bed Bugs

The state of California requires a bed bug addendum to accompany all lease agreements in the state. This is a new requirement that was added in the year 2018. It is necessary so that tenants may easily identify bed bugs if they are present in the property. It is also gives the tenant instructions on how to go about reporting a bed bug issue to management. It’s important to include the bed bug addendum to any lease so tenants can learn ways to prevent infestations from occurring. Make sure your lease agreements include this from 2018 forward.

Smoking and Nonsmoking Properties

Your lease agreement must also deal with smoking. At A. Meadows, we include an addendum in our leases that settles the question of whether tenants may smoke. We prefer tenants do not smoke in the unit, and it is especially prohibited when a tenant is living in a multi-complex unit. Smoking in the unit is not only unsafe for the tenant, but also for those in surrounding units and for children. Numerous studies have shown that secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as regular smoke. It’s also a major fire hazard that can cause accidental fires within the property. If you want to prohibit smoking in your property, make sure your lease reflects that, and talk to your tenants about the no-smoking rule so you’re sure they understand.

Including a Mold Remediation Addendum

The mold remediation addendum shows tenants how to report any mold that might appear on any part of the property. Mold can be an extremely dangerous hazard, and some types of mold can make people sick. So, it’s important that your tenants know how to spot it so they can report it properly. Once you have received repot of mold, you are responsible for getting the correct people inside the home to take care of the issue. You’ll need to clean up whatever mold is there, and take measures to prevent any additional growth. The addendum also teaches tenants how to ventilate the unit and gives tips on how to prevent mold from surfacing.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

smoke detector thumbnailEvery unit in your complex must have properly working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. For the safety of the tenant and those in neighboring units, this addendum is extremely important and can even save a life. Battery-operated or wired devices can be installed in all rooms within the unit.

If you have any questions on how to execute a strong lease, including these important addenda, please contact us at A. Meadows Property Management.