Many owners ask us if they should allow pets in their rental properties, and there are pros and cons to allowing pets. Today, we’re discussing what those are, and how you can manage to avoid any extra expenses or liability.

The Pros of Pets

The major benefit to allowing pets is that it opens up the applicant pool to more people. A lot of renters have at least a dog or a cat, so they’re going to be looking for homes that allow them to move in with their animals. If you don’t allow pets, you’ll probably have fewer applicants and a longer vacancy period.

The Cons of Pets

On the con side, the major risk is the potential damage to a property that pets can cause. Usually, the most common signs of pet damage are urine stains, scratches on the paint, and damage to the carpet. You can provide a pet rental agreement with your lease. We try to offset any potential damage by increasing the security deposit that a tenant must pay. We also charge a pet rent, which is typically $25 per month, per animal.

Putting together a pet policy that protects your home but opens up your rental to a larger pool of applicants is not difficult. If you have any questions about whether or not to rent to pet owners, please contact us at A. Meadows Property Management. We’d be happy to help with any of your Contra Costa County property management concerns.