Service animals and emotional support animals are different from pets, and they’re also different from each other. Today, we’re explaining what those differences are, and what you cannot do when you have a tenant with one of these animals.

Understanding Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Service animals are required to be trained. They typically work with visually impaired individuals or people with diabetes. Emotional support animals are not trained. There are no age limits or size restrictions on what an emotional support animal can be. It can be any kind of animal. These animals are there to provide emotional support for the people who require them.

Never Treat Support or Service Animals as Pets

When an applicant wants to live in your property and has a service animal or a support animal, you cannot deny the application based on the animal. You cannot deny the application based on a no-pet policy. You are also not permitted to increase the amount of your security deposit, charge a pet fee, or collect pet rent.

Laws are often changing when it comes to tenants with disabilities and their support or service animals, and it’s important to stay up to date. If you have any questions about service animals or emotional support animals, and how they differ from pets, please feel free to contact us at A. Meadows Property Management.